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Hair color and maintenance doesn't just stop when you get out of the chair. Here are some of our top tips for caring for colored hair!

Starting just after the treatment, we recommend waiting 72 hours to wash your hair. Using dry shampoo on the days following the appointment can help prolong your you time to let your hair fully soak up the color.

After waiting the 72 hours, it's time to wash your hair. Sulfate free, color protecting shampoo and conditioners are the perfect option to keep your hair color looking its best. We have products in the salon for different colored hair. Ask your stylist after your appointment for their recommendation.

The products you use are important, but so is the water temperature. We recommend using warm (not hot!) water while shampooing. Rinsing with cold water will prevent the color from washing out as much. Just like the first 3 days after your appointment, we recommend washing less often and using dry shampoo in between until your next visit.

When styling your hair with heat, using a heat protectant helps prevent damage from heat and protects your hair color. Ask your stylist for recommendations of which heat protectant they use.

Lastly, we recommend trimming the ends of your hair more often than when your hair wasn't colored. Split ends tend to lose color faster than hair closer to the head. Getting more frequent trims helps avoid the ends of your hair looking faded.

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Deborah Porter

I was referred to Salon Christopher by a stylist that came into the restaurant I work at. She wasn't working the day I was able to get an appointment, however, I did get Savannah. My first experience was on Friday, 2/28/20. My experience that day was above expectations. The staff was very friendly. I had a touch-up, haircut & glaze. I enjoyed my coffee that she brought me and relaxed doing some reading while I waited for the the timer to go off. I was beyond pleased with how my hair looked and much so, I hugged her and said, "Thank you so much....I can't tell you how good I feel." I found my permanent salon…

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