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Most women get their hair cut at salons, but what about men? According to Modern Salons’ 2015 Men’s Grooming survey, only 32% of men get their hair cut at salons. Salons are a great option for men’s haircuts because they not only cut hair but offer an experience as well. Haircuts at a salon also offer shampooing and washing, which can be the most relaxing part. There are also beard trimming services we provide.

Salons also provide coloring services. Colored hair is less popular among men than it is with women. According to the survey referenced above, less than 20% of men color their hair. When it is colored, typically it is a grey/blending service. Salon Christopher Angelastro provides these services and more. Our stylists can help you go back to your original color or try out something completely new.

Salon Christopher Angelastro strives to provide a relaxing experience. Our soothing atmosphere and friendliness provide something completely different than cut-and-go salons. Getting your hair washed is basically a head massage, some of our clients have dozed off in the chair! We want you leaving our salon looking and feeling your best.

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