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Summertime means shorts and swimsuits all season long. Shaving, if it isn’t already, becomes a daily hassle. Shaving is a time-consuming process with too many possibilities of nick and cuts. Why risk it? Waxing is the go-to for girls (or guys!) who are looking for smooth arms, legs, and everything in between

Why waxing? Waxing makes your skin silky smooth and lasts much longer than shaving. On average, the hairs take 3-6 weeks to grow back, even longer for consistent waxers. No need to worry about those hard-to-reach places, we take care of them for you! Waxing, to the first-time client, seems scary and painful. Waxing experiences with trained professionals like ours are very low pain. It also takes much less time than shaving. We use RICA waxes. RICA uses up to 99% natural ingredients in their waxes. RICA is gentle on the skin and only grips the hairs, not your skin.

We also offer many other waxing services besides just legs. From your eyebrows to your ankles, we have your waxing solution. Check out the service menu to find out pricing and book an appointment now! Be hair free and sun ready for your next vacation!

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