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We’re in love with 7Seconds™ by UNITE, we think you will be too!

Our stylists cannot stop recommending 7Seconds™ by UNITE! From shampoo to a refreshing spray, this award-winning line will have your hair looking its best in just 7 seconds!

7SECONDS™ Shampoo is a moisture-enriched shampoo that cleanses and protects hair from UV rays, thermal damage and color fading.

7SECONDS™ BlowOut Crème will blow your mind, and your hair. Its blow-controlling formula extends the life of your blowout by eliminating frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny without buildup. Blow by blow your brush will effortlessly glide through hair, keeping strands protected and perfected for a long-lasting finish.

7SECONDS™ Refresher dry shampoo absorbs excess oil without causing build-up in 7SECONDS™, leaving hair fresh and clean. Get the look of freshly washed hair without ever stepping in the shower. Use 7SECONDS™ Refresher proactively, while hair is clean, or before bed, to help keep oil under control.

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