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Achieving blonde hair takes more than just an hour in the chair. From foils, to #balayage, to a whole new icy look, #blonde is IN! Blondes may have more fun, but it could be a more time consuming process than you think. Here at Salon Christopher Angelastro, we take steps to make your blonde #transformation the best it can be. Dry and brassy hair is a blondes worst enemy. We avoid that by taking our time to gradually #lift the dark color from your #hair to keep it at its healthiest.

A big change in hair color can mean a big change in maintenance. Consulting with your #stylist is key to finding the right balance of maintenance for your hair, your lifestyle, and your budget. Regular visits to the salon for a glaze or gloss with help refresh your color. In addition to looking great, your hair will feel great too with our use of #Olaplex. Don't forget hair care at home! #OlaplexNo3 helps maintain the integrity of your strong and beautiful hair. Just remember, #perfection takes time!

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