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In a time where we’re so conscientious of what we put IN our bodies, it’s easy to overlook what we put ON them. People find comfort in familiarity, that’s why reaching for common labels such as Pantene or Dove is easy. Over 60% of people get their hair care products from big box stores, such as Walmart (Statista).

Drugstore shampoos seem to do the job at first, giving you a sleek, shiny look, but will cause your hair to dull over time. Truth is, most shampoos give you that look by using wax or plastics to coat your hair. The shine isn’t because your hair is healthy, it’s because the shine is manufactured. Over time, those waxes and plastics weigh down your hair, and make it duller. Not only that, but the cheap shampoo is watered down. You may be getting more bang for your buck, but you will also be using double the amount of shampoo or conditioner. So what shampoos are safe?

Salon shampoos are the real deal. They may be more expensive, but you truly get your money’s worth. Instead of waxes or plastics, our shampoos use real products that will nourish your hair and bring out its natural shine. Healthy hair is easy to achieve when your use the products we have in stock. We carry many color-safe, sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners . Our stylists will be happy to help you pick out the best option for your hair.

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*Discount applies to the lesser priced item*

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