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Brazilian Blowouts or Keratin Treatments are for you!

Humidity can make perfect hair into something that you want to hide under a hat or up in a ponytail. #Smoothing treatments help make those bad hair days disappear by creating more #manageable and frizz-free hair. Summer hair becomes easier and less time consuming with these smoothing treatments.

Smoothing treatments keep frizz and fly-aways from ruining your summer selfies. These treatments, such as Keratin and Brazilian Blowouts, help you stress less by cutting down your drying time. Blow drying your hair becomes effortless and leaves your hair smooth and silky. If you just want your ends done or have unruly baby hairs #Keratin treatments or #Brazilian Blowouts are also customizable.

To get the most out of your look wash with our recommended products and wash less overall. Talk to your #stylist to find out what is the best combination of products for your hair. Coloring can be done same day or after two weeks. For Keratin treatments, there is a minimum 48 hour period where you cannot wash, wet, or pull your hair back into a ponytail. Brazilian Blowouts have no wait time. Feel free to wash, put it up, or wet it.

Make an appointment and talk to one of our stylists today to find out what smoothing treatments are best for your hair!

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